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It's all about the right people!

Lifekiy is the first social network where users can find perfect co-travelers, extremely unique social experiences based on their interests and book as a group

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Experiences by Like-Minded Users

Find extremelly unique experiences that focus on the human factor, designed by passionated like-minded users

Get Matched

Set your preferences and get matched with ideal buddies, groups and experiences all over the world

Make Real Friendships

Join communities, follow LifeTrips, communicate and make real friendships before traveling

Suggest Your Ideas

Give to like-minded Leaders and Buddies your suggestions to upgrade an experience

Organize & Fund your LifeTrip!

Organize and present your dream LifeTrip, attract ideal Buddies, make the best deals for your buddies and take advantage from group discount to travel for free!

Start your LifeTrip

Get Inspired

Get inspiration, to capture your idea, from other LifeTrips, like-minded people and communities. Find out how to guide and tips to create amazing social experiences

Create an Awesome Presentation

Get the space needed, the right tools and guidance to create a killer LifeTrip presentation

Find the LifeSquad

Let us match you and your LifeTrip with ideal co-travelers, e-meet each other and create the perfect travel group

Fund your Dream Experience

Create real value, get the best deals and discounts, use our payment tool to book and pay as a group and travel for FREE! You've earned it!

LifeTrip's Anatomy

LifeTrips are about people, passion and being social, unlike a traditional travel experiences that focus entirely on places and activities

  1. 1

    Keep it Social
    LifeTrips are based on people and their common interests e.g. "Road trip for star-wars fans"

  2. 2

    LifeTrips are organized by creative and passionated individuals

  3. 3

    Every LifeTrip is one of a kind

  4. 4

    Once in a Lifetime Experience
    Imagine the most unique experience based on your passion, with perfectly matched friends from all over the world! That's a LifeTrip!


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